What is microservices?

Posted on Mon 06 February 2017 in Microservices • Tagged with distributed, thoughts, microservice

The title is a reference to the famous "What is drugs?" news footage that is out there on the internet (if you don't know it, you can view it here).

So, what is microservice?

I am sure that you heard this term and wondered why everybody is talking about it …

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What every Python project should have

Posted on Mon 09 January 2017 in Python • Tagged with project, python, tips

Over the past few years, the Python programming language gained a huge popularity boost and its community grew faster than ever. With this growth, a lot of tools appeared that help the community keep things organized and accessible. In this article I am going to provide a short list of …

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Finally I made myself a blog

Posted on Sat 07 January 2017 in Misc • Tagged with blog, python

There is no secret that having a blog is no big deal. Nowdays, everybody can create and host a blog with ease. So I though... why shouldn't I have a blog?

I always wanted to write about different things that bug or incite me, write a couple of words about …

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