About me

My name is Calin Vlad and I write Python code for living.

Why Python you ask?

Well, long story short, Python allows you to focus on the problem that must be solved and invest the time you would need writing the same thing in another programming language in the actual problem solving. I strongly believe that, despite the fact that Python allows one to write an application faster, it requires a lot more discipline in code writing than any other language :) (not respecting the language's guidelines can easily turn a nice codebase into a unmainainable chunk of random bytes). Although I am a Python fanboy, I am flexible in choosing the right language for the problem I have to solve (the programming language is just a tool after all).

Favorite stuff

I sure do enjoy spending (a lot of ) time on Reddit and reading about topics that are relevant to the current state of the technology. I like to explore new things and think big :) . I am interested in data analysis, big data, distributed systems, information security and (recently) in machine learning (especially neural networks).